Friday, September 16, 2011

Malan Breton - Contemporary Japanese Wedding

Malan Breton New York Fashion Week

In the event New York Fall 2011 Fashion Week, Malan Breton show an exceptional design. As seblumnya designs, Malan Breton has always attracted the attention of journalists and fans of fashion. This time Malan Breton comes with Contemporary Japanese Wedding dresses. What a fantastic masterpiece. Merging contemporary culture with modern style. Creating a new contemporary culture that more modern.

Malan Breton - Contemporary Japanese Wedding

There is no mere old fashion show, Malan Breton is a range of events to be seen in the history of fashion, with a star cut become the Japanese wedding. Build up to the wedding, a beautiful range of serious, contemporary yet flowing with Japanese influences. Mixture of formal kimono with elegance, and an array of tailored clothing monochrome colors, making this range has a contemporary yet traditional feel different to it. All it will attract interest and attention of many visitors to NYC Fall Fashion Show.

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